San Francisco Ring~Intro
Date: 6/22/99

On the opening page of this website I wrote that Terri would be telling you about the San Francisco Ring, which just goes to remind me that I should never put anything in writing, for it can come back to bite me in the bottom.

She jetted off to Germany the day after the first Ring Cycle (June 17) and nearing the gate, turned to me as I struggled with her 14 pieces of luggage (many of them apparently packed with bottles of duty-free gin) and said, with a wave of her dainty hand..." Oh, and by the way, Norrie, could you write that Ring Thingy for me while I am gone?"  My jaw dropped, and with it a suitcase which hit the floor with a crash of glass, and as I stood there, ankle deep in gin and green olives, she tilted back her head, blew me a kiss, tossed back her auburn hair, and laughed as she boarded the gangway bound for Frankfurt, while I wished that she were boarding a gangplank headed for Davey Jones' Locker.

She has gone to Germany for a good cause, which is to report on the Wagner Ring Cycle being played in Kassel and I wouldn't normally begrudge her except for the fact that she CHARTERED a plane for the trip and Opera Jamboree is footing the bill.  It was either her or me, and in fact we decided to draw "straws" for it, but as we live 2000 miles apart we drew the straws over the phone and I had to go first.  It turns out her straw was 3 feet longer than the one I drew in Chicago and I thought I was playing safe by exaggerating and claiming mine was four feet long!!

So she gets to sip sauerkraut from a glass slipper while I muck out the literary stables back here.

It falls to me therefore to give you what was promised in those heady days back in March when this site became a morbid reality....I will tell as much as I can recall of the Ring in San, Francisco.

Damn!  The kettle's boiling!  It will have to keep until later....back soon!


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